Are multiple blogs about writing a good idea?

When I decided to blog about writing, I created two blogs:

Head Over Writing to blog about all things writing. A place to share writing courses, things I’ve learned, quotes, book reviews, prompts, snippets. Random and quirky things related to reading and writing fiction. (Twitter: @HeadOverWriting)

Also, KJ Carine (A fiction writer’s journey) – more of an “author blog” to specifically blog about MY writing process and projects – currently writing short stories for magazines. (Twitter: @KJCarine)

My questions are:

Do multiple blogs dilute the impact that a single writing blog would have? Or is a single blog sometimes less appealing if it tries to cover everything? 

Do you have one writing blog, or more? 

Are you thinking about creating additional blogs, or consolidating multiple blogs?

Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comments section. I’m interested in hearing and learning from all of you about this!


2 thoughts on “Are multiple blogs about writing a good idea?

  1. In general, I think you’ll be better off creating specialized, niched blogs/sites. A visitor’s not gonna bother to dig through a whole heap of “everything” just to find the bits that interests them. There’s just too much content out there and people are impatient. A specialized site also has a better chance to rank higher on google, at least for some search terms. It’s better to focus on a niche and try to draw in a specific target audience for each site/blog, in my humble opinion.

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  2. I created a new blog for my writing but announced it on my running, photos and nutrition blog and will link the two blogs to each other. I know that some readers enjoy both blogs but it’s good to give them the choice.

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